This is John Edwards's Link Page

It will lead you to the more interesting pages which deal with

my family, my hobbies, my work, my village, my friends, etc.

At the moment most of the effort has gone into the Stafford Morris Men's site,

as Morris dancing is rather more flamboyant than some of my other activities.

Hopefully you will find that of interest.

I have been involved with the Church Eaton Village Institute for many years and was recently elected as Chairman of the management Committee  I feel this ancient and excellent building needs exposure to the WWW, so these pages should tell you all about it. This forms part of the Church Eaton Village site which gives details of the village and its activities.

We have been issuing family newsletters for many years, to go with our Christmas cards. This year, we were not only guilty of minimal letter writing to our friends, but also too late to send the Newsletter to our friends overseas. Obviously the Internet was the answer, so if you have any interest in The Edwards Family, please feel free to look at the Family Newsletter site.

The Skills link is to my venture, which was designed to make use of the amazing range of skills discarded by ALSTOM T&D Stafford. However, that is not working because most of the people involved went on to get better jobs. This site will be revived to provide an index to local enterprises (including those set up by former ALSTOM employees) that have a proven track record. This site is currently suspended

Following my decision to leave ALSTOM, I thought it might be a good Idea to put my CV in the Net. Just in case somebody wants to use my talents on a short term, or part time, basis. The Personal pages will get you to my bit of self- promotion!

One of these days I will get round to promoting my "paying hobby" as a Barn Dance Caller, The link goes to my pages on the subject, but these are currently "Under construction". (sorry)
The Stafford Freemen's Guild is an organisation I joined having been admitted as a Burgess of the Borough of Stafford 20 August 1997 by reason of Servitude {I did a five year apprenticeship in the town}

I have started to develop a site for the Guild. "Freemen" will get you to those pages.

Direct entry to the Stafford Morris site is now via

Direct entry to the Church Eaton site including CEVI is via

I hope to be able to develop these sites further when time and talent permit.

Stafford Morris Men Church Eaton Village Institute (Skills)
Family Newsletter Personal Stafford Freemen
Barn Dance Caller Church Eaton